SCX F1 Ferrari 248 (new in box)

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SCX presents the Ferrari raced in 2006 by seven-times F1 champion Michael Schumacher. This attractive model sports highly aggressive, sporty lines and an eye-catching passion-red color scheme. At the front, mention must be made of the front spoiler with its twin arms (one of the novelties in the 2006 model), the aerodynamic features, the care taken over the sponsors’ decals and the use of white along with the essential red.

In the side view can be seen the aerial, the different ailerons and fins which seek to enhance the aerodynamics, the spectacular air intakes, and the raised rear-view mirrors which are new in this year’s model. Also worth a special mention are the highly attractive wheels, with decals on the hubs and tires.

Moving to the vehicle’s cockpit, SCX has faithfully reproduced details such as the driver’s helmet, the safety belts and the steering wheel, decorated with its different buttons.

At the back of the vehicle, the red and white color scheme of the rear spoiler and the detail on the brake lights are particularly impressive. Other striking features of this model’s faithful reproduction of the real Ferrari car include the length of the axles and the aerodynamic features at the rear, used to take the air out from the back wheels.

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