SLOT.IT Porsche 956 (new, no box)


The Porsche 956, along with its variant, the 962, was the car that established the pattern for the entire Group C / GTP category of race cars, a pattern followed for the entire duration of that era of endurance racing. Designed originally to dominate endurance racing’s premier event, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 956 went on to win countless races on road courses large and small around the world.

The 956 gained its greatest fame at Le Mans, a high-speed circuit where low drag and high-speed stability are essential. Thus, it’s not surprising that the car is most often modeled and most familiar to hobbyists in its long-tail configuration as used in the 24-hour classic. However, most of the car’s other races were lesser-known events on shorter, tighter circuits where cornering grip and down-force ruled, even at the cost of higher drag. For these events Porsche provided an alternate set of bodywork with a much shorter tail incorporating a higher, larger wing. A team contesting the entire season needed both configurations to be competitive.

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