SLOT.IT Mazda 787B (new in box)


The Mazda’s claim to fame was brief but markedly pronounced. The Great Race was down to two entry classes, Category 1 and Category 2. The field was limited with the majority of cars being flat six 3.0 liter Porsche 962’s and V12 7.4 liter Jaguar XJR12’s. The Mazda was a four rotor Wankel engine rated with an estimated swept volume of just 2616 c.c.! Like 1990, three cars were entered by Mazdaspeed Japan and they were looking to improve on last years lowly 20th spot and two DNF’s. Improve they did and, in spite of the Porsche onslaught and three Jaguars stacked up immediately behind them, the Belgian, German and British driver team managed to bring the renown Mazda home with two laps to spare.

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