SCX BRM P261 Limited Edition (new in box)


Just like the real car, the SCX BRM P261 F1 Vintage stands out with its simple bodywork and open wheel structure, with no down force. With a very clean design, the chrome-effect features such as the wheels, the exposed engine, and the lines on the driver’s helmet stand out. Its elegant yet sporty lines start off with an aggressive nose in a striking orange.

Here on the nose is the team crest, then a large number three to identify the driver during the race. The hood of the SCX model also features two large air intakes. An eye-catching feature of the driver’s cockpit in the BRM P261 F1 Vintage is the roll bar behind the seat and the protection around it. In the cockpit, SCX presents the figure of the driver, faithfully reproducing the original, down to the mustache, goggles, and personalized multi-part helmet.

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